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Agricultural Lending

In 1989, Jim Rutledge and Gwin Smith created Rutledge Investment Company (RIC) as a regional mortgage banking firm.

This was a natural extension of their thriving agricultural appraisal and consulting business. During this time, Mid South agriculture was beginning to slowly recover from the economic downturn of the 1980’s and RIC was able to provide much needed mortgage capital to the region.

There were very few lenders willing to place money in agriculture in the late 1980’s. RIC was fortunate to form an alliance with a premier player in Mid South agriculture finance. RIC teamed up with Prudential Agricultural Investments and became one of the first loan originators in their new “AgMap” program. This program was created to provide a constant and reliable source of funds for farm mortgages throughout the region and the country.

The program was an instant success, and RIC has been among the largest originators in the program ever since.

In 1998, RIC celebrated $100,000,000 in loan originations and in 2003 the company surpassed the $200,000,000 mark. In 2006, we surpassed the $300,000,000 origination mark and are now well over $500,000,000.

Continued Growth

In 2000, Rutledge Investment Company merged with Rainer Farm Mortgage, a highly successful farm mortgage company and also a Prudential loan originator. This merger enabled RIC to increase its loan servicing volume, expand its territory and open doors to many new customers and lending opportunities. Most importantly, Stephen Rainer, came aboard as a Vice President. Stephen was able to “hit the ground running” and immediately bring in a variety of new customers. Stephen expanded RIC’s reach into Central and South Louisiana.

Prudential Agricultural Investments continues to be an important source of funds for our clients. We have also expanded our list of lenders to include other major life insurance companies and institutions. Agri-Access of Des Moines, Iowa is one of RIC’s fastest growing and highly innovative lenders. In addition to traditional farm mortgages, the company offers loans on hunting and recreation property, timberland, agribusiness facilities and rural housing. Other credit solutions include equipment and vehicle leases and revolving lines of credit.

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Rutledge Investment Company is an accomplished leader in agricultural lending in the Mid-South area for over 30 years, we have assisted landowners with acquisitions and financing of farmland.