What Our Customers Say About Us

At RIC, our goal is to provide the highest quality of service in the farm loan industry. We strive to maintain the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. Our primary focus is on long term relationships.

Very large farmland transaction…

“When one of my clients was in need of an agricultural consultant for a very large farmland transaction, I contacted Gwin Smith of Rutledge Investment Co., whom I have known for many years. This was a complex, fast paced transaction that had to be completed in 6 weeks and required agricultural/farmland consultation, negotiation advice, loan origination assistance, and involvement in an auction. Gwin’s hard work and dedication to accomplishing this task in 6 weeks was very impressive. This was an unusual land deal, and Gwin’s fine character, professionalism, resourcefulness, dependability, and strong work ethic were evident and so valuable in closing this transaction. The value that Rutledge Investment Co. brought to this land deal was immeasurable.”
— Susan Davis, CPA – Germantown, TN

Exceptional service…

“As a CPA, I have the opportunity to work with many fine professionals in other fields. My experience with Rutledge Investment Company, and more specifically Gwin Smith, over the last 3 years has been exceptional. My client had two separate parcels to move in separate transactions. The first parcel moved very quickly as it had strong interest from potential buyers that Gwin introduced. The second parcel was a more specialized piece of real estate and Gwin stayed in touch with us monitoring the market and suggesting the appropriate time to list the property. Once again the process went quickly and Gwin was extremely helpful in working with both sides and very accommodating.”
— Tom Sullivan, CPA Reynolds, Bone and Griesbeck, PLC

Very knowledgeable of the market…

“I have known and worked with Gwin Smith and his firm, Rutledge Investment Company for over 20 years. He has been a valuable resource for agricultural properties and transactions. He and his team work diligently with their clients, and are very knowledgeable of the market. Gwin will go the extra mile to make each transaction smooth and seamless. You can trust Gwin to work hard and get the job done.”
— C. Penn Owen III, Bowdre Place partner

Professionalism and “know how”…

“We have completed a number of land purchases in the Mid South over the last 10 years. Some transactions are easy and some are difficult. As Buyers, we have appreciated the professionalism and “know how” that the folks at Rutledge Investment Company bring to the table in getting a deal done. They (RIC) are some of the best that we have worked with over the years, and I am convinced that some of our purchases would not have been completed without their expertise. In addition to their brokerage services, RIC is also able to provide loan origination for a potential buyer as well. From their presentation of listings, to negotiation,and through closing, RIC has a proven track record of getting deals done.”
—Dr. Tracy Bridges and Don Bridges, Dawson, GA